The Festival

Festival Vertical Music

Vertical Music presents a new festival/event dedicated entirely to the world of music. During the event, musical films with a duration of between 60 seconds and 3 minutes are presented.

The main objective of Vertical Music is to collect and propose music in all its facets, focusing in particular on vertical visualization.


08-09-10 February 2024


Registrations closed


The Festival will have a scenography of great visual impact, thanks to a screen measuring 10 meters high and 5 meters wide, positioned behind the stage, creating a natural frame around the event.

The competition films will be screened and it will also be used as a backdrop for all the guests who will take turns during the live evenings.

Business Model

Vertical shooting is now a common reality for everyone.

The idea of ​​Vertical Music is to propose a platform that promotes and develops creativity in the Italian and non-Italian music sector, through their video clips.

Original Productions that will find space inside.

The Network

The network will play a central role in the realization of the festival.

In fact, we can entrust the network with the choice of the most interesting videos among those uploaded to the platform and from which we will choose our competitors.

The network is assigned the task of voting on the individual contents presented in the various sections and making sure that the stars assigned in this way, help to modify the votes of the judges according to a classic distinction between criticism and public.

The web also, with a widespread sharing of the most interesting films, will have to contribute to the affirmation of the program in the younger communities, attentive and passionate about the audiovisual subject.

Vertical Music was born from an intuition of Maurizio Ninfa (organizer and executive of large events) and Riccardo Recchia (television and theater director and author) based on the now consolidated and total use by each of us of the most used device: that is the Smartphone but not only, also from the increasingly widespread use of vertical images in the various advertising banners found everywhere on the street, in shopping centers and in various meeting points (railway stations, metro and more).
Vertical Music will become a true cult program.

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