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Vertical Music Festival

Vertical Music was born from an intuition of Maurizio Ninfa (organizer and executive of large events) and Riccardo Recchia (television and theater director and author) based on the now consolidated and total use by each of us of the most used device: that is the Smartphone but not only, also from the increasingly widespread use of vertical images in the various advertising banners found everywhere on the street, in shopping centers and in various meeting points (railway stations, metro and more).
The idea of ​​proposing music is the consequence of this shift from the horizontal of cinema and television to the vertical of smartphones in their most frequent use. The proposal received a strong response from all those involved in the sector, who were already heading towards this further form of recovery. Not only that, there is a lack of a consolidated and reference “aggregator”. For this reason, the Vertical Music Project will make its debut at the Sanremo Festival 2024 which will certainly lead us to become an absolute point of reference not only for its annual edition, but also for all the various proposals that will be formed and created as a result.

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