MUSIC 2024

08-09-10 February 2024

Registrations closed

What is Vertical Music Festival

Vertical Music Festival is a multimedia project that embraces different forms of expression. It is a festival/event lasting three days, entirely dedicated to the world of vertical music, with video clips lasting a maximum of 3:00″. This event is based on the characteristic format of smartphones, representing a concrete example of how communication vision develops in the current context. The video clips presented during the festival are made in the vertical 9:16 format, both by professionals and amateur artists, and are distinguished by the presence of original musical pieces. These videos determine an overall winner, offering a showcase for visual and musical art in vertical context. The Festival is divided into categories and films with a minimum duration of 60″ and a maximum of 3.00″ are in competition. The categories are divided as follows: Vertical Unpublished, Vertical Clip, Vertical Photo. Out of competition: Vertical Radio clips of a maximum duration of 3’00 made vertically by Deejays or the radio crew who narrate the most important moments in a video clip. From an idea of Maurizio Ninfa: Production Director Riccardo Recchia: Artistic Director

Vertical Music Sanremo 2024 Project

Vertical Music offers a New festival festival dedicated exclusively to the world of Music in Vertical.

The footage must have a minimum duration of 60” to a maximum of 5’00”.

It is an operation that collects and proposes music seen vertically in its appearance.

The three proposed sections will have the purpose of telling a new world, linked mainly to the device that each of us brings with us: the smartphone.


08-09-10 February 2024


Registrations closed

Unpublished Clip

Unpublished video clips made vertically by Italian or Foreign Musicians or Bands. They will be judged by a quality jury that will award the best director, the best authorial idea and the best song.

Vertical Clip

Video clip already made. Participation entails the possibility of obtaining a prize for the best direction and the most innovative authorial idea.

Vertical Photo

Photos dedicated to music both as a performance and as a context.
The vertical photos will be displayed in a dedicated area of ​​the Festival and the best will be rewarded and become the cover of the next edition.

Out of The Competition

Vertical Radio

Clips with a maximum duration of 3’00 made vertically by the Deejays or the radio crew that tell the story of life in a radio studio, its highlights and what surrounds it.
Not in the competition, but they will appear on our site and based on the likes received, the most popular clip on our web world will be recognized.

Vertical Campus

Video clip created by III-IV-V high school students (around 450 thousand) who participated in the 19 student/oriente campus salons. The video clips will be uploaded to the Vertical Music website to take part in the festival/show at Casa Sanremo 8-9-10 February 2024. The top 3 classified will be able to participate in an internship at the best Italian music production houses


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